[wingide-users] aliasing extensions for template purposes

Mitchell L Model MLMConsulting at Comcast.net
Fri Apr 23 08:26:44 MDT 2010

I love the extension-specific template feature, including the ability  
to add my own (I just added 'js').

Is there a way to specify extensions that are the equivalent of one of  
the existing template sets? I am using bottle, which has a template  
facility that uses 'tpl' for the extension of what are basically html  
pages. Instead of making a separate tpl template set, is there a way I  
could just tell Wing to use the js templates for tpl files? (I realize  
I could just link ~/.wingide/templates/tpl to point to ~/.wingide/ 
templates/js, but I would end up with two separate template tabs for  
the same set -- not a big deal, but ugly.)

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