[wingide-users] how do I pass an argument to a command bound to a keystroke?

Mitchell L Model MLMConsulting at Comcast.net
Thu Apr 22 10:11:38 MDT 2010

When a command like move-editor-focus is documented as having an  
argument -- in this case dir=1 -- how do I pass an argument to it?

I can see three possibilities, but neither of the first two seems to  
work and the third is rather heavy handed, though essentially the same  
as the second.

  (1) a keystroke (like control-U in Emacs) that precedes the  
keystrokes bound to the command (control-X O in Emacs Personality);

(2) binding a keystroke to a function call, e.g. move-editor-focus(0)

(3) add a function to one of my script files that simply does  
wingapi.gApplication.ExecuteCommand('move-editor-focus(dir=0) ')

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