[wingide-users] moving focus from editor to tool

Mitchell L Model MLMConsulting at Comcast.net
Thu Apr 22 10:01:43 MDT 2010

[Whoops -- wrong send address -- that's my client's. Resending with  
mine. Presumably since I'm not signed up on the wingide-users list  
with my client's email address the previous message won't have gone to  

When I am in a tool -- Python interpreter, Debug Probe, etc. -- the  
move-editor-focus command switches to the editor, which is fine. But  
there doesn't seem to be any way of switching back to the tool I just  
left. I am getting tired of mousing back to it. Even if I had  
keystrokes to switch to each of the tools I use frequently, there is  
still the problem that (a) I want the one in the current window, and  
(b) I don't want to have to think about which tool I just left -- I'm  
just bouncing back and forth between the tool and the editor and  
having to stop to use my mouse to get back to the tool.

Now, move-focus does include the window's tools within the sequence of  
moves it follows. But usually I have split horizontal and split  
vertical tool areas, and I don't want to go to the next (conceptually  
random) tool, I want to go back to the one I just left.

I think this can be fixed by simply giving move-focus a dir argument  
the way move-editor-focus has. Presumably, after leaving a tool with  
move-focus or move-editor-focus, move-focus(0) will get me back to the  
tool I just left.

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