[wingide-users] open another project in a separate session of wing on windows vista

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Fri Apr 16 12:32:06 MDT 2010

brian downing wrote:
> What is the best way to open another session of wing with a different 
> project? I'll describe what I've noticed.
> I have project projA open with wing. I want to keep projA open and 
> also open projB in another session of wing. If I double click the 
> <projB.wpr> file, wing over writes projA in the wing session that is 
> open. If I open another session of wing I get the warning about projA 
> being locked and I click OK. Wing opens all the files from ProjA. Next 
> I go: project->recent proj->projB. The problem with the approach is 
> that wing keeps all the files from projA open.
> I'm running on windows vista with wing 3.2.5-1 (rev 21674)

If Wing gets --new on the command line it will open a new instance 
rather than reusing
an already-open one.  You might be able to just add that using the 
Default Programs
control panel, or if not then write a one-line batch file something like 
the following
and set that as the default program for *.wpr files:

c:\path\to\wing\wing.exe --new "$@"

Keeping another project's files open is a bug unless you have unchecked 
the Files /
Projects / Close Files with Project preference.

Hope this helps.



Stephan Deibel
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