[wingide-users] Auto-change version control tab

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Fri Apr 16 11:44:45 MDT 2010

Ken Kinder wrote:
> I have perspectives for all projects, so I'll have an svn tab under my 
> "Edit" perspective. Problem is, as I change projects, I have to have 
> profiles like, "EditSvn" and "EditHg", and that messes everything up.
> It would be handy to have a "Versioning" tool that just auto-changed 
> based on the current project's version control system, like how the 
> menu does.

Yes, this would make more sense here.  I think they all have their own 
panel ids now and this
wouldn't be easy to change.  We do want people to be able to show 
multiple version control
tools (e.g. svn and hg) at the same time, which further complicates this.



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