[wingide-users] Feedback on Perspectives in 3.2.2

Ken Kinder kkinder at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 15:15:46 MDT 2009

I've been enjoying the improvements in the latest version of Wing. I have
some more feedback on the Perspectives tool, now that it's becoming more
powerful and is something I anticipate using:

  * In the perspectives manager, it isn't clear what the "Set As Current"
button and the "Refresh State" actions do. I might assume that "Set As
Current" takes the current GUI layout and SETS it in the selected
perspective name. Similarly, "Refresh State" might be interpreted as doing
the opposite of what it does. I would use common language like, Load, Save,
and Save As.

  * I read in the changelog that there is now a way to set certain states to
debug, however I had to read the documentation to find out that this is
enabled from the PROJECT menu. (I looked and looked in the Perspective

  * I had set up my states assuming that I would flag one as debug, and the
other as editing. Naturally, I created an "editing" state and a "debugging"
state. Upon enabling this feature, I was informed that another "Edit"
perspective had been created. I then had to actually start debugging in
order to FIND the debugging state. I would like to be able to tell WingIDE
what "triggers" there should be in switching between states. As it stands
now, I have two editing and two debugging perspectives: One of each created
by me, one of each created by me. And I'm not 100% how to edit what tools
are available in what perspective.
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