[wingide-users] RE: problem in 3.2.2

Idan Zaltzberg idan at itstructures.com
Wed Oct 28 03:07:54 MDT 2009

I think the problem is in the autocompletion ability to get methods from
parent classes.

In my case I see that although a class derives from another class, the
autocomplete fails to complete methods of the parent class.

This work when I try it in a trivial class, but in a more complicated case
it doesn’t work, might be because of multiple inheritance, different files

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*Subject:* problem in 3.2.2

I use a lot of factory generated classes, so it is not possible to
statically understand what Class im using.

On the other hand, I use certain conventions,

Such as:

Self.A always points to a singleton of type A

In 3.2.1 I found that if all my classes derive from a base class I call
"IDEAssertions", which contains a method no one calls

Def do_assertions():

                Assert isinstance(self.A,A)

Using this technique caused the auto-completion to work for any class that
defines self.A.

This has stopped working when I installed 3.2.2, this is a very important
feature for me since otherwise the autocompletion is useless.

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