[wingide-users] Wing auto-detect writable status of a file?

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Tue Oct 20 09:01:49 MDT 2009

Eric Pavey wrote:
> I feel like I'm missing something in the prefs, and this behavior has 
> been on three different machines (two winXP, one Vista) with Wing:
> I have a file that is read-only, I open it in wing.  I can't edit it.  
> So I make it writable (managed through Perforce).  The only way (that I 
> can so far find) for Wing to recognize that its writable is to close the 
> file and re-open it.  If I do the opposite:  Start with it writable and 
> then make it read-only, this seems to confuse Wing:  I save, it doesn't 
> error, but nothing saves either (but it makes you think you saved ok).  
> The other editors I use seem to auto-detect the file-writable status.
> Any thoughts?

Revert to Disk in the File menu will also update r/o status of a file.
We'll try to add scanning for such changes in the future.

However, it should work if you're using Perforce via Wing's integration.
If you are using that and it's not working, can you let me know what
version of Wing you are running?



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