[wingide-users] Opening up files to be in the leftmost hierarchy tab instead of right

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Mon Oct 19 08:42:41 MDT 2009

Michael Hipp wrote:
> Michael Foord wrote:
>> Marcus.CM wrote:
>>> I often find that when i open a file to work on in a project and then 
>>> i open another one to refer to, the previous ones is always
>>> hidden from the list of tabs because all the latest files i open 
>>> always ended up on the rightmost. I think it would be more
>>> intuitive that latest files opened to be added to the leftmost instead.
>> I'd really like to be able to reorder tabs, but I strongly disagree 
>> that new tabs should be on the left. Adding new tabs to the right 
>> seems logical and intuitive. Just goes to show how little 'intuitive' 
>> really means.
> Suggestions (and the occasional complaint) are pretty common here about 
> tab management. I wish we had options for:
> - Tab ordering alphabetical/chronological?
> - New tabs on left/right?
> - Keep no more than X tabs open / keep only tabs open that fit on screen?

Yes, we need to improve this.  Part of the issue is how the notebook
widget works (the klunky tab scrolling design) so we've been holding
off doing work on this until we upgrade GTK, but I suspect doing tab
ordering by drag or chronological would go a long way so have increase
the priority on that.

BTW, one option in the editor is to hide the tabs (right click on them
and Hide Notebook Tabs) and then use the popup menu to select files ...
or use the Open from Project feature in the File menu to switch.


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