[wingide-users] Shorcut to execute current file

tyju tiui jckdnk111 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 15 08:01:17 MDT 2009

Thank you Sandeep!
I had looked at this previously but I didn't know which command name to enter.
realized after following your instructions Wing gives you some help by
searching through the available commands as you type - brilliant!

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Even I didn't find it.
What I did is, in Prefereces -> keyboard-> Custom Key Bindings , I mapped Ctrl-R to execute-file command.
I think you can use which ever is convenient to you. So when ever I press Ctrl-R, it executes the current file.
Hope that helps.


On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 5:47 AM, Joshua J. Kugler <joshua at eeinternet.com> wrote:

On Wednesday 14 October 2009, tyju tiui said something like:
>> Hi,
>>> I just purchased Wind IDE and am loving it.
>>> One annoyance so far is I can't figure out how to execute the current
>>> file without leaving the keyboard.
>>> Is there a way to bind a keyboard shortcut to execute my current
>>> file?
>>> Thanks!
>F5?  Or do you mean something besides debug?
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