[wingide-users] How to bypass timer routines during single stepping?

OldGrantonian oldgrantonian at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 13 02:54:34 MDT 2009

I want to single step through a piece of QT plugin code. I'm not looking for
bugs. I'm simply trying to learn how the host program handles plugins.

The plugin simply launches a "Hello World!" dialog box, which the user can

Within the debugger, the program is in a "waiting state", waiting for user
input. The user can, optionally, invoke the plugin by pressing one specific
hot key to lauch the message box. When the user closes the message box, the
program is then back in exactly the same "waiting state" as it was before
the user presses the specific hot key.

When the hot key is pressed in the debugger, I can then single-step or jump
from one breakpoint to the next.

My problem is that I eventually arrive at one "critical" line in the code.
If I continue single-stepping after this critical line, then I enter endless
timer routines which seem to cycle around for ever.

On the other hand, if I arrive at the critical line, and then run the
program normally, the code completes successfully, and I arrive back at the
same "waiting state" as previously.

The problem is that I don't know which code is executed between the critical
line and the final "waiting state". (Presumably the program "tidies up"
after the plugin.) So I don't know where to enter a breakpoint to bypass all
the timer stuff.

Can anyone help?

It would obviously be helpful if Wing would highlight the last line of code
to be executed before the program arrives back at the "waiting state" (using
the same red arrow and the narrow underline that is used after returning
from a function call).

Is there any way to dump the lines of code that are executed between the
critical line and the "waiting state"? (I don't think there will be
thousands of lines.)
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