[wingide-users] Opening up files to be in the leftmost hierarchy tab instead of right

Michael Hipp Michael at Hipp.com
Sun Oct 11 09:10:30 MDT 2009

Michael Foord wrote:
> Marcus.CM wrote:
>> I often find that when i open a file to work on in a project and then 
>> i open another one to refer to, the previous ones is always
>> hidden from the list of tabs because all the latest files i open 
>> always ended up on the rightmost. I think it would be more
>> intuitive that latest files opened to be added to the leftmost instead.
> I'd really like to be able to reorder tabs, but I strongly disagree that 
> new tabs should be on the left. Adding new tabs to the right seems 
> logical and intuitive. Just goes to show how little 'intuitive' really 
> means.

Suggestions (and the occasional complaint) are pretty common here about tab 
management. I wish we had options for:

- Tab ordering alphabetical/chronological?
- New tabs on left/right?
- Keep no more than X tabs open / keep only tabs open that fit on screen?

This is probably my biggest frustration with using wing - being able to find 
my tabs.


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