[wingide-users] PEP8 and PyFlakes panels released

Dietmar Schwertberger maillist at schwertberger.de
Fri Oct 9 06:53:22 MDT 2009

Stefan Tjarks schrieb:
> *PyFlakes Panel*
> Helps to identifying common errors in your code quickly. You can find 
> out more on
>     http://bitbucket.org/stj/pyflakespanel/wiki/Home
> Feedback welcome!

Thanks a lot.
For Windows I had to change some things:

In _update_tree, line.split(':') should be replace with
line.rsplit(':', 2), as the file names will contain colons:

     def _update_tree(result):
         for line in resultLines:
             parts = line.rsplit(':', 2)

Also, I had to supply the Python interpreter as command and the
script as first item of args.
In my setup it's:
     pyflakes_command = r"J:\Python\Python26\scripts\cmd_pyflakes.py"
     cmd = "J:\\Python\\Python26\\Python.exe"
     args = [pyflakes_command]



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