[wingide-users] PEP8 and PyFlakes panels released

Stefan Tjarks stefan at tjarks.de
Thu Oct 8 14:28:17 MDT 2009

On 09-10-08 01:01 PM, Stefan Tjarks wrote:
> On 09-10-08 12:44 PM, Chris Rossi wrote:
>> As far as the pep8 panel, it seems to be pretty indiscriminate right
>> now, trying to run against xml files. Might make sense to restrict to
>> *.py files.
> The panel is only sending the package path to pep8. Though their is a
> MimeType check from the pylint panel in the code but that seems not to
> work. Might be an upstream bug? Will dig into it and see what I can
> figure out.

Pushed updates that should fix the issue. Added a filter if a packages 
is scanned and the panel doesn't show the filename if only one file is 
scanned any longer.

Learned again that it helps to read docs from time to time!

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