[wingide-users] "available" attribute on commands

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Thu Oct 1 11:03:59 MDT 2009

On 10/1/09 12:20 PM, Ken Kinder wrote:
> When I set the "available" callable attribute on a command in a script,
> it seems to effect whether the item is grayed out or not. However since
> the command is specific to a certain file type, it would make more sense
> for it to be invisible, rather than grayed out. Is there something
> similar, like a visible attribute, that would have that effect?

There's nothing like that right now, though it could be added.  By and 
large, we've stayed away from menus that add and remove items, so it's 
not so easy to do so.  I do see dynamic menus being used increasingly in 
applications so it's probably something we should add.



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