[wingide-users] CSmallTextGui constructor

Idan Zaltzberg idan at itstructures.com
Thu Oct 1 07:59:57 MDT 2009


Following your documentation (see below) I tried to change the default value
for the maxlen property of CSmallTextGui

And got the following error: What did I do wrong?

Value = "__init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'maxlen'"


  File "C:\src\ide\bin\2.5\src\command\commandmgr.pyo", line 882, in

  File "C:\src\ide\bin\2.5\src\command\commandmgr.pyo", line 1134, in

  File "C:\Documents and Settings\idan\Application Data\Wing IDE
3\scripts\test.py", line 165, in _ArgInfo_goto_file


Your documentation says:

The following classes in guiutils.formbuilder.py cover most of the data
collection formlets needed for scripting:

*CSmallTextGui* -- A short text string entry area with optional history,
auto-completion, and other options. The constructor takes the following
keyword arguments, all of which are optional:

maxlen            -- Maximum allowed text length (-1=any, default=80)
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