[wingide-users] Configuring a project for working with plone buildouts

Danny Bloemendaal Danny.Bloemendaal at informaat.nl
Thu Oct 1 06:25:57 MDT 2009

Ok, I digged a bit deeper and set the bin/instance file as the main  
debug file. That didn't seem to work but restarting Wing did the trick.
Now I'm still left with a weird issue in the integrated python shell:

There's product: ../products/MyProduct
And when I type:
 >>> import Products.My
Wing nicely shows me a list of importable products including MyProduct
but when I execute that line:
 >>> import Products.MyProduct
it says No module named Products.MyProduct

I cannot explain that. Any idea?

On 1 okt 2009, at 13:26, Danny Bloemendaal wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I'm using Wing since ages in a Zope/Plone combination and nowadays we
> use buildouts to build entire zope/plone environments. Now I've
> configured my wing project and pointed it to the zope2 instance home
> (path/to/buildout/parts/instance) and added  path/to/buildout/parts/
> zope2/lib/python to the python path. My buildout has this folder
> structure basically:
> eggs/
> src/
> products/
> parts/
> var/
> bin/
> and some more. The thing is that Wing can auto-complete products in
> src and products but not in the eggs folder. I mean, you can ctrl-
> click on class names and Wing brings you there unless the class is
> imported from something in the eggs folder (and perhaps in a lot of
> other places as well).
> Now, I'm wondering, being not really a hard-core python adept and
> never fully understanding all these mechanisms, how to tell Wing the
> right stuff to make this work properly. I know that in bin/instance
> there's a load of sys.path appends to add all the eggs but they are
> dynamically added when you fire up the intance.
> So, all help is greatly appreciated.
> Kind regards,
> Danny Bloemendaal.
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