[wingide-users] Configuring a project for working with plone buildouts

Danny Bloemendaal Danny.Bloemendaal at informaat.nl
Thu Oct 1 05:26:37 MDT 2009

Hi folks,

I'm using Wing since ages in a Zope/Plone combination and nowadays we  
use buildouts to build entire zope/plone environments. Now I've  
configured my wing project and pointed it to the zope2 instance home  
(path/to/buildout/parts/instance) and added  path/to/buildout/parts/ 
zope2/lib/python to the python path. My buildout has this folder  
structure basically:


and some more. The thing is that Wing can auto-complete products in  
src and products but not in the eggs folder. I mean, you can ctrl- 
click on class names and Wing brings you there unless the class is  
imported from something in the eggs folder (and perhaps in a lot of  
other places as well).

Now, I'm wondering, being not really a hard-core python adept and  
never fully understanding all these mechanisms, how to tell Wing the  
right stuff to make this work properly. I know that in bin/instance  
there's a load of sys.path appends to add all the eggs but they are  
dynamically added when you fire up the intance.

So, all help is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Danny Bloemendaal. 

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