[wingide-users] Speeding up searches

Danny Bloemendaal Danny.Bloemendaal at informaat.nl
Fri Nov 20 02:32:42 MST 2009

Hi folks, 

Is there a way to make wing use some indexes to search for pieces of text within the project? I work with large projects with thousands of files and free-text search in wing is always very slow (much slower than doing a grep) so I was wondering/dreaming.. if wing had something like Quicksilver or Spotlight integrated. It could build up an index that it uses to search. Or better, maybe it is possible to do the indexing outside wing (did somebody mention ctags?). Maybe someone could or did write a plugin/panel for wing that can use external indexes to quickly find stuff?

In my dreams (yeah, I constantly dream of Wing) I see this:

You press a hotkey and a popup opens.
You begin typing characters and below it shows all the files that contain these words, instantly (hopefully a bit more responsive than within "Open from project").

I can also imagine that you make a selection and then press some hotkey and in a panel it shows instantly all the files containing the selected text.

I just find myself spending too much time trying to find stuff that is scattered around in my huge wing project. I'm always fighting with Filter sets because they never do what I want. I think it is in the nature of my work (work with zope and plone) and the way I work (examinging existing code to see how things have been done elsewhere) that makes me have to do many searches. 

So, I think there can be a lot improved here.
Any ideas or suggestions?

Kind regards, 

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