[wingide-users] Weird slow down in Wing 3.2

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Thu Nov 19 06:52:13 MST 2009

Dennis Fogg wrote:
> upgraded from wing personal 3.2.1 to 3.2.2: now 'search in files' is 
> much slower.
> in 3.2.1, it took a few seconds for my current project -- noticable but 
> not a bother.
> in 3.2.2, it takes 25 seconds for the same project.  i can see all those 
> filenames that it searches.
> it's not a big project: 1300 files (mostly libraries as usual)

The first search can be slow if Wing is still discovering files in the
project.  I'm fairly sure this has always been the case, although there
were some changes in 3.2.2 to how Wing discovers files to avoid hanging
up the IDE on large projects.  The 2nd+ search should be just as fast.
Is that one also this slow?


Stephan Deibel
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