[wingide-users] Keyboard shortcut for Run button in Wing IDE 101

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Thu Nov 19 06:39:02 MST 2009

Kevin Wood wrote:
> I downloaded Wing IDE 101 to give it a try, and was wondering if there 
> is a keyboard shortcut for the Run button that runs your program in the 
> interactive shell? I know that F5 starts a debug session, but that's a 
> different command.
> If the feature isn't available in this version, is it available in the 
> Personal version? I'm guessing that it can be configured in the 
> Professional version, but I'm not ready to spend that much. I will buy 
> the Personal version if it can be configured for this.

It looks like the keyboard config pref is omitted in 101.  You could
hack it by editing the keyboard.normal file in the Wing installation
and adding:

'Ctrl-F5': 'evaluate-file-in-shell'

Or to evaluate the current selection:

'Ctrl-Shift-F5': 'evaluate-sel-in-shell'

You'll need to restart Wing to read those and you can of course alter
the bindings.  Also, if you're using one of the other keyboard
personalities you should edit the associated keyboard.* file instead.

In Personal there is a User Interface / Keyboard / Custom Key Bindings
preference that can be used to add things like this.

Note also that the toolbar "Run" icon in Wing 101 runs the file in
the shell.


Stephan Deibel
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