[wingide-users] Weird slow down in Wing 3.2

Mike Driscoll mdriscoll at co.marshall.ia.us
Wed Nov 18 14:31:15 MST 2009


I've noticed that ever since I've upgraded to Wing 3.2.1-1 (rev 20913), 
it takes a long time to load the auto-complete when I first start typing 
after startup. I'll type "import" something and the character I type 
after "import" don't show up for several seconds. Sometimes it's almost 
10 seconds. After that first hump, it seems all right. However, it does 
the same thing in the shell.

With wxPython, it will sometimes do this with the widget methods. On a 
slightly different note, I had a GenBitmapTextButton that Wing loaded 
the auto-complete methods correctly for until I decided to access those 
methods a second time. Then it showed a different set of methods. That's 
the first time I've seen that.

I'm on Windows XP Pro and have seen the auto-complete stall on multiple 
PCs. I have Wing 3.1 on my PC too and it works fine. I'm using Python 
2.5. Thanks!

- Mike

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