[wingide-users] enhancement request: search within complete python tokens

Dennis Fogg dennisfogg at stanfordalumni.org
Tue Nov 17 04:34:06 MST 2009

python syntax separates "class.variable" into "class" and "variable" lexical
tokens and it would be useful for wing-ide to search at the token level.

When searching, I often utilize the 'whole words' and 'case senstive'
options (esp in search files).
But often I'm really searching for a python dot prefix:
ie: I'm search for the class name in a "class.variable" identifier.
This is not considered a whole word by the current editor.
(actually, I could be search for the variable part also -- still not a whole

The problem is that I often have names that are subsets of a root:

All these classes start with different letters so auto-complete will find
them faster.
But if I want to find user. and not the other *user. names, I don't get
search support from wing.
So, I think it would be useful to augment 'whole words' with 'whole tokens'
which means search within whole python lexical tokens.

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