[wingide-users] Wing and Pylint?

Eric Pavey warpcat at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 15:36:58 MST 2009

Got pylint installed today and integrated in Wing.  But I feel like I'm
missing something fundamental (and I've been searching the Googles and not
coming up with anything):  It doesn't seem to do anything:  I'll
intentionally write some poorly formed python, but when I "Update" said
module via Pylint in Wing... nothing happens.  It quickly flashes "Updating
<moduleName>.py", but there are no results in the Pylint window.
I'm pointing the pylint config file to the pylint.bat file on disk, and I'm
not getting any execution errors.

Is there simply a major piece of this puzzle I'm missing?  Reading over the
pylint docs isn't making this any more clear.

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