[wingide-users] updating project python path

John Ehresman jpe at wingware.com
Thu Nov 12 13:35:19 MST 2009

On 11/12/09 3:58 AM, Idan Zaltzberg wrote:
> I want to change the project python path from extension script in a way
> that would affect the auto-completion.
> If I just add it to the path when the script is saved,  the auto
> completion still does not see the difference, so what am I missing?

It's not part of the api, but it can be done with the following function:

def set_project_pypath(pypath):
   """ Set's the project python path to custom value. """

   from proj import attribs

   settings = wingapi.gApplication.fSingletons.fFileAttribMgr
   settings[attribs.kPyPath, None] = (attribs.kCustom, pypath)



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