[wingide-users] Remote debugging

Eric Pavey warpcat at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 10:05:13 MST 2009

I'm fairly new to the whole concept of remote debugging, and I think I'm
encountering a "bug", so I'd like to get others thoughts on it:

I work in the 3D app Autodesk Maya.  It has Python as a scripting language.

I'm able to setup wings remote debugging listening (with wingdbstub.py and
wingdebugpw), so I can execute a Python module in Maya, and then have wing
start to remote debug it.  That is pretty nice.  But the issue is this:  I'm
constantly having to restart both applications after a break from debugging
to restart again:

   - Under Preferences -> Debugger -> External/Remove I have "Kill
   Externally Launched" ON.
   - If I break out of debugging, it shuts down Maya (due to that option
   being ON).
      - I restart Maya, try to debug:  Wing no longer "listens" to the
      remote debug
      - I need to restart wing, then it works again.

   - Under Preferences -> Debugger -> External/Remove I have "Kill
   Externally Launched" OFF.
   - If I break out of debugging, Maya stays open. (due to that option being
      - I try to debug again:  Wing no longer listens to the remote debug.
      - Restart Maya, still doesn't work.
      - Restart Wing, *now *I can debug again.

So basically, after I break out of debugging in wing, I need to restart both
apps before I can remote debug again.  Talking to the engineering staff
here, they say "that's not right", but they're not familiar enough with wing
or Maya to provide me with help on the subject.  Any thoughts about how to
make it so I don't have to constantly restart both software programs?

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