[wingide-users] Changing Assumed Tab Indentation

Small, Duane W. dsmall at mitre.org
Fri Nov 6 08:42:43 MST 2009

When editing comments, I frequently run into problems with Wing switching back and forth between my preference of four spaces per tab and the default eight spaces per tab.  Though it isn't the only circumstance where I've had problems, the following is a situation that I can reliably replicate:

Create a comment beginning at the left margin.  Split it by inserting # after a space, back the cursor over the # and "accidentally" back up past the space as well, then hit the return key.  Wing puts up a dialog saying that the file has been changed to 8 spaces per tab, then immediately puts up another dialog saying it has been changed back to my preference of 4 spaces per tab.  The leading space is automatically deleted, presumably between the two messages.  When I dismiss the two dialog boxes, Wing ceases to be the front program; if another program has a window open, that window jumps in front of Wing's window.  Obviously, this is very disruptive.

It would be nice if, at the least, Wing ignored spaces in non-syntactic lines (blank or containing nothing but a comment) when deciding whether it needs to change the interpretation of tabs.  Similarly for spaces in continuation lines, where indentation has no syntactic meaning.

Of course if I fail to put in the # before splitting a comment line, Wing doesn't know that the new line isn't code, so I could still get the behavior - though if Wing is going to delete the space, it would be good  if it could do so before checking whether the file has become mixed spaces/tabs.  I would also find it useful if, when splitting a comment (as opposed to hitting return at the end of a line), Wing could automatically insert the # on the assumption that text in the new line is still a comment.

Duane Small

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