[wingide-users] Difference between Debug I/O and normal execution output

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Thu Nov 5 08:18:56 MST 2009

Krishna Sandeep Reddy wrote:
> This happens even if I use wingdbstub and call the program externally.
> Looks like I can't use any of the wingide debugging facilities as it
> completely changes the way the program runs. Are there any environment
> settings related to 64-bit environment? I am using ctypes, may be I
> will provide a simple example where this happens.

If you can do that it may help uncover where the problem is.

In general segfaults can come and go based on the most ephemeral of
changes (or just luck).  The real issue is probably to find and fix
the segfault.  If the debugger happens to mask it, that's not unusual.
Any number of other things can mask or bring out a segfault (such
as changes in calling order, timing, etc).

In fact the debugger could just as easily (and sometimes does) bring out
segfaults that are lurking and unseen when running outside of the
debugger.  This is not a reason to use or not use a debugger...


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