[wingide-users] script loading order

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Tue Nov 3 07:24:18 MST 2009

Idan Zaltzberg wrote:
> Is there any way to know the script loading order?
> My bigger problem that im trying to solve is that I want to add files to 
> the python path so that all scripts can use references from the updated path
> So I created a file "scripts_setup.py" that does that but I need it to 
> run before all other scripts load.
> I tried to make the other scripts load "scripts_setup" but they cant 
> find it since I use a special directory for the scripts.
> Any thoughts?

I'd recommend having a single script file (the one you want to load
first) that you import at the top of all your scripts and have that
do the work.  That way you're not relying on load order.


Stephan Deibel
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