[wingide-users] VI search changed

Chaiwat Suttipongsakul cwt at bashell.com
Mon Nov 2 08:56:45 MST 2009

I use wing 3.2.2 on Fedora 32-bit and got this problem too.

In the real vim and wing 3.2.1, if you type '/' you're entering search  
mode, any key after that will be the search pattern and the real vim  
will jump to the first location when you his enter. Then to jump to  
the next location, just hit 'n'.

However, in wing 3.2.2 after you hit '/' + keyword + enter, it's still  
in search mode, and did not jump to the first location. I have to use  
'/' + keyword + escape, then hit 'n'. This is a big annoyance for  
anyone who remember the real vim sequence in their nerve.


  Wingware Support wrote:

> Max Slimmer wrote:
>> I just downloaded Wing Pro 3.2.2-1 rev 21060, on windows XP
>> now when I initiate a search '/xxx'  it finds and highlights the  
>> next occurrence of that string, but to terminate the search string  
>> I need to enter 'esc' instead of 'return', entering return includes  
>> \n in the search pattern...
> Shouldn't the enter key search to next match and not terminate?   
> That's
> what vim is doing for me here.  Please let me know if enter indeed  
> should
> terminate the search in some cases (as I don't use vi much, I may miss
> details of end cases, etc).
> Wing is working for me for some reason (it moves to next match), but
> clearly it is broken for some people across at least Windows and OS X.
> I'll see if any of the diffs from 3.2.1->3.2.2 reveal what changed.
> Thanks for reporting this.
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