[wingide-users] Source assistant for properties in 3.2.0b1 (plus suspected autocomplete bug)

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon May 18 14:25:43 MDT 2009

william ratcliff wrote:
> Another newbie question about the source assistant:
> If I am using the python shell and do something like:
> import numpy as N, then as I type, N.arr, I can do nice things like 
> command line completion to get N.array and at the same time,
> I can see the docstring in the source assistant.  However, in the actual 
> project code, this fails to work.  Is there an option I need to set?

What you're seeing is the difference between information from a live 
process and from static source code analysis.  In Wing IDE 3.2, the two 
are combined when working in the editor if a debug process is stopped at 
a breakpoint or exception.



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