[wingide-users] Source assistant for properties in 3.2.0b1 (plus suspected autocomplete bug)

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon May 18 12:31:25 MDT 2009

Michael Foord wrote:
> When I have a class with a property which defines a docstring, accessing 
> that property (where Wing recognises the type) brings up the docs for 
> 'property' in the source assistant and not the docs for *that* property.
> ...
> I think I have found another bug in autocomplete. For the following code 
> I am offered both p and z as members on the i object:
> class A(object):
>    p = property(None, None, None, """doc""")
>   i = A()
> class B(object):
>    z = property(None, None, None, """doc""")
>   i = B()
> i.

Both of these are current limitations of the analysis engine.  Changing 
it to recognize property objects is probably the simpler task.

Thank you for working on generate_pi.py and for making it available!


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