[wingide-users] Source assistant for properties in 3.2.0b1 (plus suspected autocomplete bug)

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Sat May 16 15:50:42 MDT 2009

Hello guys,

When I have a class with a property which defines a docstring, accessing 
that property (where Wing recognises the type) brings up the docs for 
'property' in the source assistant and not the docs for *that* property.

i.e. If I do the following in the editor:
class A(object):
    p = property(None, None, None, """doc""")
a = A()

Wing shows me information about fset, fget, fdel... This makes the 
docstrings in properties created by the pi file generator useless. :-(

I think I have found another bug in autocomplete. For the following code 
I am offered both p and z as members on the i object:

class A(object):
    p = property(None, None, None, """doc""")
i = A()

class B(object):
    z = property(None, None, None, """doc""")
i = B()

All the best,



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