[wingide-users] Strangest thing on Ubuntu

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Wed May 13 09:40:21 MDT 2009

johnf wrote:
> Yes - you are right!  It did update python 2.6.  I had installed python 2.5  
> and I did allow the update for 2.6.  I believed it would not do any harm.  It 
> did say something about the update too.  But I can't recall what it was.  
> Hmmm.  I'll be little more careful about 2.6 in the future.  
> I'll keep you guys informed on this issue.  Sometime tonight I'll re-install 
> and see what happens.  

I can't see how this would explain Ubuntu removing files from the Wing installation.

Wing's debugger can work with Python 2.0->2.6 (Wing 3.1.8) or 2.0->3.0 (Wing 3.2beta1)
and the IDE runs on its own private Python version so the system-wide Python
should not affect its functioning.


Stephan Deibel
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