[wingide-users] Strangest thing on Ubuntu

johnf jfabiani at yolo.com
Wed May 13 09:31:03 MDT 2009

On Wednesday 13 May 2009 08:18:42 am you wrote:
> johnf escribió:
> > I installed the latest wing on ubuntu 9.04 (laptop) for testing my Dabo
> > apps. Work with it - all's well.  Wait two days try to run wing and it's
> > missing the executable.  It is no longer on the HD.
> >
> > I recall when I installed ubuntu it asked about removing some files and I
> > did say yes.  But I installed wing long after I installed ubuntu.  This
> > is the second or third time I have test any version of ubuntu - so I
> > don't have a clue what is happening.  Is there some setting that I should
> > be turning off or on?
> >
> > I'm guessing there is some sort of repeating task to clean the disk.  I
> > know this sounds crazy - but thanks in advance for any help.
> One of the things that Ubuntu 9.04 seems to do is the upgrading of
> python 2.6
> For me, itś been a headache as I had it installed by hand, and I was
> forced to delete some folders to get it working.
> If you had your wingide tied to the python2.6 installation, it might
> have suffered the side effects of this upgrading
> Best regards,
> Zara

Yes - you are right!  It did update python 2.6.  I had installed python 2.5  
and I did allow the update for 2.6.  I believed it would not do any harm.  It 
did say something about the update too.  But I can't recall what it was.  
Hmmm.  I'll be little more careful about 2.6 in the future.  

I'll keep you guys informed on this issue.  Sometime tonight I'll re-install 
and see what happens.  

Thanks all.

John Fabiani

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