[wingide-users] Wing v2.1.4 works, v3.1.8 does not

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Tue Mar 31 09:45:12 MDT 2009

Mark A. Schmucker wrote:
> I'm developing a graphics-intensive app using wxWidgets. I have 
> previously been using Wing v2.1.4 successfully to debug my app. Now I'm 
> setting up my project on a new computer, and I took this opportunity to 
> try v3.1.8. (Note v2.1.4 was never installed on this computer.)
> When I debug my project from Wing, it sort of works- the debugger starts 
> and can hit at least some breakpoints- but my app doesn't paint 
> correctly. Only part of my app's window paints itself. And my app 
> doesn't get all the mouse messages, as far as I can tell.
> I uninstalled v3.1.8 and installed v2.1.4. Now everything works. So 
> what's wrong with v3.1.8?

I suspect the issue is that Wing 3.x will stop all threads when one
thread is stopped and your main loop is not getting time when the
debugger is paused or at a breakpoint.  Under Wing 2.x if you stop
in a thread other than the main loop, I could see that drawing/etc
might still continue because that version of Wing would only stop
one debug thread and was essentially unaware of the others.

Does it not paint if you then continue from the breakpoint?  In
general, I would expect it to paint then without failing to paint
some parts, but perhaps some of the events are being lost if
they came in while the debug process is paused.

If it does fail to paint, does obscuring and revealing the window
again draw everything or just a sub-part again?


Stephan Deibel
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