[wingide-users] Set 'main' file from context menu

Michael Hipp Michael at Hipp.com
Wed Mar 18 17:55:45 MDT 2009

Wingware Support wrote:
> Michael Hipp wrote:
>> Using 3.2.0-b1 (rev 19863)
>> In the project pane, there no longer seems to be a context menu entry 
>> for 'Set this as Main Debug file' or somesuch. I frequently change my 
>> "main" when I'm running a test program to exercise some feature. This 
>> is, to me, a significant loss. Can it be brought back?
>> I've seen the item under Debug but it just leads to a browse button 
>> and is a very long way 'round to set the file that's right in front me 
>> as main.
> Yes, the main debug file is now set in the Debug tab of Project
> Properties.
> I removed it from the project context menu thinking that cases like yours
> would be covered by not setting a main debug file at all and just letting
> Wing debug the current file and/or using the Debug Recent menu in the Debug
> menu.
> If those don't cover your case, please let us know.  I think having
> this in the project context menu was somewhat of a GUI design mistake,
> but it may be we need another way to do this if Debug Recent isn't
> helpful.

Thanks. I definitely believe it doesn't meet my use case.

Here's my scenario: I'm trying to refactor / create / test some feature. So I 
create a file that activates that feature by whatever "shortcut" I can cobble 
up to force it to run. Once the "test" file is created all the work is then 
done in files scattered across the project and its subdirs.  The "test" file 
may be the only thing I run for a few hours or days until I'm done with it. 
But I'm not editing it much so "run current file" doesn't help.

Also, "debug recent" requires 2-3 mouse clicks and a lot of manual dexterity 
to find the right one from the long list presented. I want to just hit F5 
(over and over again).

I may switch back and forth between the real "main" file and this "test main" 
to make sure the feature behaves the same when run via both paths. So hitting 
the "set main" function might be something I do often.

The problem as currently implemented, IMHO, is that it leads to a browse 
button which takes too many clicks to get the main set rather than a quick 
poke at the file from a context menu.

IMHO, having this option in the GUI context menu was a very correct solution.

Note that this use case is testing GUI features (wxPython specifically) so 
this isn't a function of unit testing and I don't think that feature set is 


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