[wingide-users] Set 'main' file from context menu

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Wed Mar 18 12:44:01 MDT 2009

Michael Hipp wrote:
> Using 3.2.0-b1 (rev 19863)
> In the project pane, there no longer seems to be a context menu entry 
> for 'Set this as Main Debug file' or somesuch. I frequently change my 
> "main" when I'm running a test program to exercise some feature. This 
> is, to me, a significant loss. Can it be brought back?
> I've seen the item under Debug but it just leads to a browse button and 
> is a very long way 'round to set the file that's right in front me as main.

Yes, the main debug file is now set in the Debug tab of Project

I removed it from the project context menu thinking that cases like yours
would be covered by not setting a main debug file at all and just letting
Wing debug the current file and/or using the Debug Recent menu in the Debug

If those don't cover your case, please let us know.  I think having
this in the project context menu was somewhat of a GUI design mistake,
but it may be we need another way to do this if Debug Recent isn't


Stephan Deibel
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