[wingide-users] Wing IDE 3.2 beta1 released

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Wed Mar 18 09:53:35 MDT 2009

Michael Hipp wrote:
> Wingware Support wrote:
>>> What is this: 'automatic transitions when debugging'
>> If you don't already know what perspectives are (or maybe even if you
>> do ;-) this may be confusing.  I suggest reading section 3.2.4 in the
>> Wing IDE Manual from the Help menu in Wing 3.2 beta1.  If that doesn't
>> help, please let me know.
> Thanks. I've read that. Unfortunately it didn't clear up much. The text 
> all seems to assume the reader already has a full grasp on perspectives.

I'll try to clarify it.  Basically, perspectives are defined as subsets
of the IDE gui that you can set up as desired and save under a name.
Then you can switch between these by name.  They're usually used to
hide irrelevant tools according to the current task (e.g. no debug
tools if no debugger is active).

> Perhaps some concrete questions:
> - Can I use this to automatically bring up the horizontal tool box and 
> switch to the Debug I/O tab when I tap F5?

Yes.  You would enable the automatic debug transition feature and would
set up your "debug" perspective w/ horizontal tool box visible and
Debug I/O tab active.

> - Will it keep the Exceptions tab from hogging everything even when no 
> exception has been triggered?

Possibly, if you define the debug perspective so it's not shown.  This
might be a separate issue -- it really shouldn't be showing the Exceptions
tab is there is no exception.

> - Will the editor pane keep the current line visible and not allow it to 
> become hidden behind the horizontal tool bar?

This is a separate issue also.

>> In the Project View, assuming you are running 3.2 beta1 of course
>> (check the About box to make sure!) you should be able to drag files
>> to move or copy them (hold ctrl to copy) and right click to either
>> add new files or directories or move them to the system trash.  You
>> can also click on a file or directory's name and edit it to rename it.
> Thanks. Good stuff. Does this work with the VCS? Renaming and moving 
> files isn't much help if the VCS just un-does it all.

We plan to add this but since we ripped out the unfinished revision control
rewrite in this beta it's just doing file system rename/move right now.


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