[wingide-users] Wing IDE 3.2 beta1 released

Thomas Bennett bennetttm at appstate.edu
Wed Mar 18 07:17:04 MDT 2009

I see on the WEB page that the beta can be installed along side Wing IDE 3.1x 
but does it also use a seperate .wingide3 directory in the user's home?  
Whether it does or not, I know it would be a good idea to back that up. ;-)



On Tuesday 17 March 2009 19:17:56 Wingware wrote:
> Hi,
> We've just released the first beta release for Wing IDE version 3.2.  The
> key new features in this release are:
> * Support for Python 3.0
> * File management (create, delete, copy, move, rename) in Project view (*)
> * Auto-completion in the editor sources completion data from live runtime
>    when the debugger is active (*)
> * Perspectives: Create and save named GUI layouts and optionally
> automatically transition when debugging is started (**)
> * Improved support for Cython and Pyrex (*.pyx files)
> * Prompt to restore auto-saved changes when Wing fails to save files due to
> a crash or preemptive exit
> * Added key binding documentation to the manual
> * Added Restart Debugging item in Debug menu and tool bar (*)
> (*)'d items are available only in Wing IDE Personal and Wing IDE
> Professional (**)'d items are available in Wing IDE Professional only
> This release also includes many other minor features and bug fixes not
> found in Wing 3.1.  For more information, see the change log:
> http://wingware.com/pub/wingide/prerelease/3.2.0-b1/CHANGELOG.txt
> Please report bugs to support at wingware.com.  More information for beta
> testers is available here:
> http://wingware.com/wingide/beta
> Please note:  This release is missing the rewritten revision control
> support we have mentioned from time to time on this email list.  That
> feature needs more work before it can be released.
> Thanks,

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