[wingide-users] Wing IDE 3.2 beta1 released

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Tue Mar 17 17:17:56 MDT 2009


We've just released the first beta release for Wing IDE version 3.2.  The
key new features in this release are:

* Support for Python 3.0
* File management (create, delete, copy, move, rename) in Project view (*)
* Auto-completion in the editor sources completion data from live runtime
   when the debugger is active (*)
* Perspectives: Create and save named GUI layouts and optionally automatically
   transition when debugging is started (**)
* Improved support for Cython and Pyrex (*.pyx files)
* Prompt to restore auto-saved changes when Wing fails to save files due to a
   crash or preemptive exit
* Added key binding documentation to the manual
* Added Restart Debugging item in Debug menu and tool bar (*)

(*)'d items are available only in Wing IDE Personal and Wing IDE Professional
(**)'d items are available in Wing IDE Professional only

This release also includes many other minor features and bug fixes not found
in Wing 3.1.  For more information, see the change log:


Please report bugs to support at wingware.com.  More information for beta testers
is available here:


Please note:  This release is missing the rewritten revision control support
we have mentioned from time to time on this email list.  That feature needs more
work before it can be released.



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