[wingide-users] what am i doing wrong?

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Mon Mar 16 13:01:04 MDT 2009

Thomas Bennett wrote:
> PS: what are these ether files?
> /home/bennetttm/.wingide3/cache/analysis-3.1/home/bennetttm/Documents/python/Extensions_new/check_conflict.py.ether
> /home/bennetttm/.wingide3/cache/analysis-3.1/home/bennetttm/Documents/python/test_recurring_event.py.ether

These are cache files created by our static source analysis system.  They have
nothing to do with the debugger, but would appear for any file you open or
that gets imported in source code somewhere and is findable by Wing.

Note to the list:  We're trying to diagnose the debug failure off-line.  I'll
post the resolution later if we come up with anything of general use.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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