[wingide-users] IDE Problem

Lakshman Prasad scorpion032 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 09:31:35 MDT 2009

Even with the "Extremely verbose internal log", the log file is empty.

The passive listener is turned off, has been off.

There is no other instance of wing running; I verified it thro' the system
monitor of Ubuntu.

Rebooting the system didn't help. The Debug process seems to be waiting; and
I eventually get the reported error.

On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 7:31 PM, Wingware Support <support at wingware.com>wrote:

> Lakshman Prasad wrote:
>> I have been using Wing IDE for some time. Suddenly since yesterday, it has
>> stopped working. I get the following message when i try to run it. I dint
>> make any changes in the IDE folder or its settings. Following is the error
>> message I get:
>> /The debug process never connected back to Wing IDE:  Aborting debug
>> session
>>      See Trouble-shooting Failure to Debug in the users manual.
>> /I can however, execute python programs on the shell, other IDEs and
>> command line, thus verifying that its not a problem with my python
>> installation, as the Troubleshooting guide seems to suggest.
>> Since I use Wing regularly, this is a severe problem; please help me
>> rectify it immediately. Thanks.
> Check whether you've got Passive Listen turned on in the debugger
> (mouse over and/or click on the bug icon in lower left).  I suspect
> that's on and you have two instances of Wing running.  It may be
> that somehow one instance no longer has a window but is still running
> so you may need to check the task manager or 'ps aux' on Linux/Mac
> (or if all else fails, reboot).
> If you are not using wingdbstub, you should generally turn passive
> listen off.
> Please let me know if this does not help.
> Thanks,
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> Stephan Deibel
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