[wingide-users] what am i doing wrong?

Thomas Bennett bennetttm at appstate.edu
Thu Mar 12 11:07:42 MDT 2009

I'm using Fedora Linux 10 and kernel upgraded 
March 4.  I have written some scripts to interact with our Google Apps 
Calendar using the gdata library and they work fine.  But, I copied the 
recurring date sample(see below) to a blank page and added the connection data 
needed, then saved it.  When I click on the debug button it appears nothing 
happens and data is not put in the calendar.  I expected to at least see the 
print statement results in the Debug I/O window or exceptions in the 
Exceptions window, but nothing happens.  I can run my edited script from the 
command line and it works.  So I created a new file and the only content is 
"print 'test'".  I click on the Debug button and I don't see any results, I 
expect to see 'test' in the Debug I/O.  I can run other scripts I created 
earlier for the Google Apps Calendar and they work and put print results in 
the Debug I/O window.  I went into the Wing IDE preferences and reset to 
factory defaults and no change.

Any help would be appreciated.


ps: I've upgraded to the latest Wing IDE and rebooted.

def InsertRecurringEvent(calender_service, title='Weekly Tennis with Beth',
                         content='Meet for a quick lesson', where='On the 
    if recurrence_data is None:
      recurrence_data = ('DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20070501\r\n'
        + 'DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20070502\r\n'
        + 'RRULE:FREQ=WEEKLY;BYDAY=Tu;UNTIL=20070904\r\n')

    event = gdata.calendar.CalendarEventEntry()
    event.title = atom.Title(text=title)
    event.content = atom.Content(text=content)

    # Set a recurring event
    event.recurrence = gdata.calendar.Recurrence(text=recurrence_data)
    new_event = calendar_service.InsertEvent(event, 
    print 'New recurring event inserted: %s' % (new_event.id.text,)
    print '\tEvent edit URL: %s' % (new_event.GetEditLink().href,)
    print '\tEvent HTML URL: %s' % (new_event.GetHtmlLink().href,)
    return new_event

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