[wingide-users] Ctrl-KP_Add and Ctrl-KP_Subtract don't zoom Help & Wing Tips windows

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Tue Mar 10 15:26:33 MDT 2009

Dan Roger wrote:
> But you're correct, the font size is the same as what Windows Explorer
> uses. But in my opinion the Wing Tips and Help windows should instead be
> compared to browser windows which generally have larger default fonts. In any
> case those two windows SHOULD remember what font size the user set them to.

You're correct that more than a few users like a bigger font size than 
the default, though the default is close to what other text editors use 
(such as notepad, wordpad, and different versions of Visual Studio). 
I'll look into why the preferences don't seem to have the affect the 
should on Windows.

Thanks for the feedback,


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