[wingide-users] Ctrl-KP_Add and Ctrl-KP_Subtract don't zoom Help & Wing Tips windows

Dan Roger wingusr at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 15:13:18 MDT 2009

Wingware Support wrote:

> Assuming you're on Windows and using the default theme, the default font is
> based on the system wide font sizes. Are your fonts in Wing smaller than they
> are in Wordpad and other standard Windows applications?

I'm running Windows XP Pro.

The Wing IDE fonts for the Wing Tips and the Help windows seem to be about 8 pt.
Wordpad defaults to 10 pt. I have to roll the mouse wheel about 7 or 8 "notches"
before I get a font size I like.

But you're correct, the font size is the same as what Windows Explorer
uses. But in my opinion the Wing Tips and Help windows should instead be
compared to browser windows which generally have larger default fonts. In any
case those two windows SHOULD remember what font size the user set them to.

> You can adjust the font sizes in the User Interface preferences.

I set Display Font/Size to Tahoma 11, and Source Code Font/Size to andale mono
11, but the only change I see is in Editor windows.

BTW, since most new users (who are going to be reading Help the most) might not
know about keyboard or mouse-wheel zooming, you should also consider adding
increase/decrease font size buttons to your Help windows.

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