[wingide-users] Ease of use enhancements to the Help window

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Tue Mar 10 13:37:38 MDT 2009

Thanks for the suggestions.  We'll try to incorporate them into future 


Dan Roger wrote:
> I like to be able to use the keyboard as much as possible. With the
> Help Window you have to click toolbar buttons to go to the
> Next/Previous page in the documentation.
> Since the toolbar buttons don't display keyboard shortcuts that might
> do the same action, and since there is no way to see a list of all the
> assigned shortcuts, and since it's not particularly friendly to make
> the user read the keymap.basic & keymap.emacs files just to find the
> shortcuts, I had to guess which shortcut keys to use but...
> In the Preferences | User Interface | Keyboard section add the
> following Custom Key Bindings:
>  Ctrl+Alt+Down  ->  document-next
>  Ctrl+Alt+up    ->  document-previous
> to allow you to easily step page by page thru the documentation.
> Future enhancement requests:
>   As a general usability improvement please add the keyboard
>   shortcut to all tooltips displayed for toolbar buttons.
>   Give the user some way to see all the assigned keyboard
>   shortcuts. When assigning a new shortcut, tell them if it's already
>   assigned and to what command.
>   Add an optional Contents pane to the Help window that not only lets
>   you easily navigate, but also shows you where in the overall
>   documentation you are. (And have a Locate in Contents button that
>   can be used to show your current location if they happen to get out
>   of sync.)
>   It would also be nice to have a Favorites pane to quickly go to
>   particularly useful pages (like the Command Reference).
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