[wingide-users] Ctrl-KP_Add and Ctrl-KP_Subtract don't zoom Help & Wing Tips windows

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Tue Mar 10 13:32:05 MDT 2009

Dan Roger wrote:
> Ctrl-KP_Add and Ctrl-KP_Subtract zoom the Editor window but NOT the
> Help or the Wing Tips windows. This is particularly bad for new users
> since both windows are always initially displayed with a ridiculously
> tiny font with no obvious way to increase it.

Assuming you're on Windows and using the default theme, the default font 
is based on the system wide font sizes.  Are your fonts in Wing smaller 
than they are in Wordpad and other standard Windows applications?  You 
can adjust the font sizes in the User Interface preferences.

We will try to make ctrl +/- work in a future release.



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