[wingide-users] Ease of use enhancements to the Help window

Dan Roger wingusr at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 13:09:55 MDT 2009

I like to be able to use the keyboard as much as possible. With the
Help Window you have to click toolbar buttons to go to the
Next/Previous page in the documentation.

Since the toolbar buttons don't display keyboard shortcuts that might
do the same action, and since there is no way to see a list of all the
assigned shortcuts, and since it's not particularly friendly to make
the user read the keymap.basic & keymap.emacs files just to find the
shortcuts, I had to guess which shortcut keys to use but...

In the Preferences | User Interface | Keyboard section add the
following Custom Key Bindings:

 Ctrl+Alt+Down  ->  document-next
 Ctrl+Alt+up    ->  document-previous

to allow you to easily step page by page thru the documentation.

Future enhancement requests:

  As a general usability improvement please add the keyboard
  shortcut to all tooltips displayed for toolbar buttons.

  Give the user some way to see all the assigned keyboard
  shortcuts. When assigning a new shortcut, tell them if it's already
  assigned and to what command.

  Add an optional Contents pane to the Help window that not only lets
  you easily navigate, but also shows you where in the overall
  documentation you are. (And have a Locate in Contents button that
  can be used to show your current location if they happen to get out
  of sync.)

  It would also be nice to have a Favorites pane to quickly go to
  particularly useful pages (like the Command Reference).

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