[wingide-users] Auto-completion and Source Assistant problems with Wing IDE Pro 3.1.7-1?

Dan Roger wingusr at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 11:50:18 MDT 2009

Actually I think I found out how to temporily get around this. For
some strange reason if you EDIT the import line that fixes the
problem. For example, just going to the end of

 import logging

then adding and removing a space seems to automagically turn on the
Source Assistant for that module!

I had comments at the end of some of my import statements and I
thought maybe those were confusing the analyzer so I removed them. And
that indeed fixed the problem. However, when I closed & reopened the
file the Source Assistant again gave me the ""cannot determine type"
message instead of the correct type, link, docstrings, etc.

Maybe having comments at the end of import statements is a bad idea,
but it was EDITING the import line that temporarily fixes the
problem (at least until you close & reopen Wing IDE).

Of course, it's still annoying to have to edit import lines in
order to get the Source Assistant to work, but at least I now know
what is wrong.

I still can't explain why a test file that only contains the first 33
lines (just comments and import statements) of my problematic file
(itself only 76 lines) always seems to work fine with the Source
Assistant? I guess the next step is to try adding lines until the
problem appears.

On 3/10/09, Wingware Support <support at wingware.com> wrote:
> Dan Roger wrote:
>> Now randomly, the autocompletion will work when I type
>> "logging.handler." but usually it doesn't. I can't figure out why
>> it sometimes works and others not. For example, if I copy & paste the
>> beginning of my file to another new empty file it works??? But if I cut
>> out all the trailing stuff in the original file to match, it still
>> doesn't work???
> Could you submit a bug report from Wing's help menu with an error-log
> attached when this fails?  This will give us some information about
> what's failing.
> Thanks,
> John

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